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Why foreigners are looking for Russian wives? Answer is in a personality


Foreigners are in demand among Russian women. However, it is often not entirely clear why such a good and attractive man seems to be unable to find a wife in his homeland. When foreigners who are over 50 are looking for young 20-year-old beauties, everything is clear. But when a good looking man at his 35, who actively communicates with Slavic women in order to create a family, causes some bewilderment. However, if to carefully consider the requirements of Foreigners it becomes obvious that only Russian girls are able to do it fully. First of all, a foreigner is looking for a wife who is not only beautiful, but also kind, intelligent and loyal. In addition, it is a known fact that Slavic women not only the first beauties, but also as excellent housewives.



Foreigners are looking for true love. Not fake feelings, but something sincere. Western women put their career in the first place, so it’s hard with them, it’s hard to get them to give up something for the sake of their family.



All foreigners are looking for a beautiful wife. Of course, many are looking for a slim figure, long legs or gorgeous, nature given bust, Russian women are so good at all this. However, for Western men, beauty has a slightly different meaning. While in the Russian understanding, it can simply be called good looking that means without obvious flaws in appearance.



The femininity attracts foreigners so much. Foreign women don’t pay attention to femininity. Most likely the opposite: they are constantly competing with men. They want to prove that they can get higher on the career ladder and as higher they get they forget that they are women. They never admit their mistakes, and with an arrogant gaze try to demonstrate that they are so good. While men want a normal, calm and modest woman, with whom they can quietly create family, comfort and enjoy happiness.


Slim body

Foreigners want sports women, because many foreigners go to the gyms. However, this is necessary because their physical form is not in the best condition. Russian women need only frequent walks on the street or walking up and down the stairs several times a day to write "fit" in the questionnaire.



An educated person in the foreign country is someone who has finished at least high school. Their education is slightly different from the Russians, however, considered prestigious to have a master’s degree or at least a bachelor’s degree. If a woman has it, then she gets extra points in the eyes of a man.



A woman must be intelligent, at least in order to transfer her good genes to future children. Western men are seriously thinking about this, therefore, they indicate in the questionnaires the requirement of "intelligent", which can be translated as clever rather than intelligent. Beautiful Russian women surely have this feature. They are accustomed to thinking outside the box and solving the most incredible problems quickly and in an original way, so they always seem to be “smart” in the eyes of foreign men.


Personal features

This is one of the most important requirements. A girl should be kind, gentle, caring, friendly. There are enough of tough women abroad, so men need warmth, sincerity, simplicity, and openness. Foreigners come to Russian for all these. However, almost all Russian singles have such a set of qualities. And when Russian woman feel care and love, they will be able to provide her family with a decent standard of living, then spread happiness and show her best qualities.



Mostly aged men are looking for Russian brides, dreaming to find young and beautiful ones. However, there are those who are simply looking for love, and these are quite young men who have no time to look for girls in the real world, or they have become disillusioned with their compatriots. The main thing is to be sincere and give love, a man, even though thousands of kilometers away, will feel it if it is real.


How To Find A Wife There?


Depending on the financial condition of the man and his wishes, there are different ways of dating and the first meeting. Man can ask her to come to his country for the first meeting or invite to the country where he will have some business meetings. At the same time, he invites her with an employee of the agency so that the girl is not afraid and feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment for her. A man pays all costs associated with the arrival of the girl and the agency manager. The girl on her side is not forced to do anything, and is not inclined to anything. This type is for businessmen who are so busy that they can't fly to Russia, or men who have so much money that it’s not a problem for them to invite Russian female with a manager to their country.


The second category is man choosing lady in the agency's catalog. If there is a mutual interest, the man arrives in Russia for a meeting without prior correspondence and dating. Many of them believe that correspondence is a waste of time, and only in person you can determine if a girl is right for you.


However, the most of them sit on sites where they keep correspondence with potential brides, then make a list with whom they are going to meet while visiting Russia. They usually meet in a cafe or restaurant 3-4 times. It rarely happens that a man comes to one girl, but it also happens that he likes girl so much that he refuses to have already paid subsequent meetings with others. A man who pays for a date in a marriage agency does not look for sex on the first date. Surely, he thinks about sex, and this is normal, but if he needed just sex, there are ways and places where he can get it much easier and faste, so its not the main for him at this stage.

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Family values for Russian girl


Russian ladies have always been distinguished not only by their beauty, but also by their ability to create comfort and harmony in the family. These qualities, first of all, attract foreign men. Support, the ability to admire a man, care and love - men are delighted with all these. Everyone at least once in their lives wants to feel like a hero, and Russian mail order bride can make males feel this way. Most European and American women put their careers and other interests first. It is rare to find a foreigner woman for whom family values ​​are the priority. That is why, many clients of marriage agencies are purposefully looking for Russian women. Some men, following the example of successful marriages of their friends, start search of a companion in Russia.


Foreign grooms believe that Slavic women have the natural features that make them create coziness in their home, like cooking and create harmony. For most of Russian dating, daily household is the natural order of things that do not cause discomfort, but instead bring pleasure. Regular general cleaning and a delicious fresh dinner – is simple this for Russian ladies. American, French, Italian females are definitely more concerned with their careers and are not intended spending their time cooking or cleaning the house. Only a Slavic woman can work, take care of her family and home, and still look great and support her beloved husband. It is the harmonious combination of all these qualities that makes Russian brides so popular.


First date – some life hacks


First date after dating online

It would be better if a man takes the initiative and arrives in the city of a woman he chose to meet. Let him overcome all the difficulties of travel and adapt to the new conditions of another city, this is normal male behavior. Therefore, it is better to appoint a meeting in a neutral territory, whence everyone should be able to leave freely. A modest cafe, a pastry shop or a coffee shop can become a neutral territory for a first date. For the first meeting crowded places such as a large shopping center, cinema, all sorts of beautiful, open spaces with a lot of pedestrian traffic is the best solution. If a foreigner came on a date from other country, then, most likely, he would need a place to sleep. There are lots of  good apartments, which can be rented for a day. There man can relax and sleep, and even invite his loved one, if the relationship develop too fast.


Do not come without flowers

It is not necessary for a man to appear on the first date with a luxurious bouquet of flowers, but it is necessary to give to pretty lady at least one rose.



Posture, facial expressions and gestures determine how people perceive us. It has been scientifically proven that healthy self-confidence is the key to success in many areas of life. Self-confident, not haughty or indecisive individuals, give the impression of attractive, successful and likeable people. Therefore, when you first meet with dater, it is better to forget about timidity or arrogance.


Man pays

In some foreign countries, it is customary to divide the bill during the first date: everyone pays for himself/herself. This tradition has not taken root in Russia. A real man always pays for woman in cafe or restaurant.


Pay attention to appearance

Dress to impress - this rule has not been canceled. Unfortunately, men often forget about it. Sometimes representatives of the stronger sex loudly complain that Russian women for marriage reject them because of an unsportsmanlike figure, low wages. In fact, the causes of failure are often completely different. Each can dress up modestly, but neatly and elegantly.


Are Russian brides legal?


The Internet is a great place to make acquaintances, and this is proved by the billions of people around the world who use dating sites. Many of them were lucky, and they found their love, but also many were the victims of fraudsters. Internet dating is not trusted, because it is very easy to fake your profile and impersonate someone else. Fraudsters often make great efforts to gain the trust of males, win over, and then cheat on money. Fraudsters who register as young Russian girls share with men their personal information, talk about their families, about brothers and sisters, to become closer to the man. As soon as they get the attention and trust of the groom, they start asking for money. As a rule, the fraudsters argue that they have financial difficulties and may ask foreigners to pay hospital bills for a sick family member or something like that.


How to protect yourself from scams on a dating site:

  1. Be careful and do not lose your head.

  2. Check the information about the new friend on the Internet, enter the name and photo into the search engine. Often fraudsters use pictures of other people that they find on the web.

  3. Do not send intimate photos to a person with whom you are not personally acquainted.

  4. Never send money, data of a bank card, account, and passport.


What kind of men do Russian brides look for?


Women love respectful attitude

Women prefer the respectful attitude of men. If a man treats a woman with respect, she will always appreciate it. Overly arrogant men who behave selfishly and show disrespect negatively perceived by women.


Women love sense of humor

Russian brides really prefer men who can treat many situations with humor, do not take life's troubles to heart and know how to laugh and be positive.


Women love attention

If a woman has to repeat her question several times before her man answers it, or if a man considers signs of attention as superfluity, such relations are doomed. Women love and especially appreciate the moments when a man’s attention is completely given to them. It is highly important when men do nice things without a reminder. A bouquet of flowers to an important date, which had to be reminded ten times, does not bring real pleasure. Therefore, men should not skimp on the signs of attention - an unexpected bunch of flowers will tell a lot about the attitude to his beloved bride. Let a woman feel that she is loved and desired, and it will give a real pleasure to make her happy.


Women love men who listen

The main mistake of men is to try to start a conversation on those topics that seem feminine to them: clothes, cosmetics, shops, gossip. Firstly, women feel well the lack of interest during conversation: it is important for them to see the eyes of a man and to feel that they are being listened to. Therefore, it is worth leaving the women's themes and starting with general stories: talking about movies, music, favorite food, exhibitions and books. Such topics will help both find an interesting topic for conversation, and communication will bring pleasure to both.


Men who can care

Romance is clearly not the strong point of Russian men. However, foreigners know how to make woman feel loved. A lot of compliments, flowers for no reason, regular gifts - all this awaits ladiy in a relationship with a foreign man. Russian grooms can show such care and attention only at the initial stage of the relationship.


Men who care of how they look

Most of women like being with man who looks neat and dress with taste. After all, this is more pleasant to go out with an attractive man who can make other woman feel jealous.


How much does it cost to get a Russian bride?

The average cost of communicating with hot Russian brides on the Internet is from 5,000 to 30,000 dollars. There are five types of costs associated with this process:


Agency fees: fees for access to the mail-order brides database that many of the agencies practice.

The cost of the trip to the bride: this includes flight tickets, hotel, entertainment and taxi services.

Translators/drivers. Most men will need some of these personal services.

Other expenses: Visa and passport fees.

The cost of moving the bride to the country of the groom: this is probably the most significant expense.


Guide to Finding Your Perfect Russian Bride (tips)

Sexy Russian women are considered the most popular category of brides among foreign men. Hundreds of online portal offer foreigners to find their other half. However, newcomers in this business should be cautious, as brides can be fraudulent. Therefore, in order not to be deceived and choose the right platform to find love, it is recommended  to follow the following tips.


Tip # 1. Check as many offers on the dating market as possible

Each must be careful while choosing a portal to search for real love. It is clear that the Russian market offers a variety of platforms. First of all, those services that are not worth the trust and have bad reviews must be weed out while the best Russian dating sites that were left can be used for online dating. It is better to rely on ratings and choose the platforms that are on the top.


Tip # 2. Think of all the nuances at once

Think over how to meet Russian women, what topics to discuss, what services provided by the selected agency should be used. It can be an exchange of email, transfer, chat, telephone and video calls, sending gifts to Russian women.


Tip # 3. Be patient while choosing a woman

After making a choice of a suitable portal for online dating, it is not reasonable  to write to everyone, it is better to concentrate on a few but good ladies.


Tip # 4. Man has to be prepared for the extra costs

Usually on such sites the profile of the bride can be viewed for free, but while communicating with the bridegroom, user has to pay for the membership, etc.


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